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The Golden Eagle maintains over two miles of primitive trails on 40 acres of landscaped gardens and forested woodlands, and is continguous to the Cady Hill trails which is now part of Stowe Land Trust. The Cady Hill Forest property consists of 258 acres comprised of three parcels of land. It is estimated that 11 miles of single track and double track mountain bike trails currently exists on the property and is also used for recreational activities such as hiking, running, Nordic skiing, and snowshoeing. 

Below is a map that shows our nature trails which connect with the Cady Hill Forest trails: 

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Below is a map that shows the Golden Eagle Resort's property (yellow area) adjacent to the Cady Hill Forest trails. The Cady Hill Forest trails can be accessed from the Golden Eagle. The red marks all the trails for recreational use: 

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One hundred years ago most of the hillside was cultivated farmland with a creamery located below Palisades Cliff. If you look carefully on your hike, you can discover remnants of stone walls which marked the field borders.

Take a step back in time into the deep woods and see the moss and ferns regenerating the forest. Happen upon a deer gazing on the dew filled early morning grass. Other wildlife occasionally spotted over the years include black bear, wild turkeys, red foxes, fishers, bobcats and even moose!