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Golden Eagle Resort, Stowe, Vermont
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Stowe, VT Green Resort

At the Golden Eagle Resort we pride ourselves in practicing green processes and initiatives. Our operational philosophy is to do whatever we can to run an environmentally responsible business. Together we can all make a difference!

Current Green Practices

Land Preservation

Situated on 80 acres of pristine Vermont land, the Golden Eagle Resort features over 50 acres that are a designated nature preserve. Our grounds around the resort are also planted and managed with an eye toward attracting wildlife, and we have been certified as a "Backyard Wildlife Habitat" by the National Wildlife Federation. Our ponds and grounds have been home to Great Blue Herons, ducks, deer, woodchucks, and the occasional wandering moose. We also border the Town of Stowe Forest, a beautiful haven for wildlife observation, hiking, and snowshoeing .

Recycling and Waste Reduction

Committed to reducing the waste stream, we have installed "recycling centers" around the property to make it easy for guests to recycle, and purchased a shed to facilitate the collection of recycling.
In our rooms we are participants in the "Project Planet" program for reducing the use of laundry detergents and excess water at the Golden Eagle Resort. We believe that we can work together to provide choices for guests as to whether they need daily towel replacement. We can save up to 5,000 gallons of water and over 25 gallons of detergents monthly when guests are willing to re-use their towels for a few days.
We also use soap, lotion and shampoo products in refillable bulk dispensers to reduce waste of unused products, and tons of plastic packaging used in individually packaged hotel products.

Energy Conservation

Most of the lighting around our resort uses either energy efficient fluorescent or LED bulbs. Since incandescent lamps give off 90% of their energy as heat, this helps us diminish the building's cooling load. We are constantly undertaking energy savings projects to reduce our carbon footprint, like adding insulation to the Main Building.

Sustainable Dining

The Nest Cafe makes every effort to source our food from local suppliers and farmers, and we are a member of the "Vermont Fresh Network" that promotes the use of local Vermont products. We are proud to support local businesses, such as Mansfield Dairy, Cabot Coop Creamery, Thompson Bakery, Adams Poultry, and Sugarwood Farms. The Nest Café also composts all of our food waste to keep it out of landfills and in productive use. In a year, we compost over 6 tons of food scraps.
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